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Almond Innovation in Austin


Greetings from Austin, Texas! Recognized for its live music, art, and food, Austin is also becoming a thriving tech hub with promising opportunities for those eager to harness the city’s creative energy.

For food entrepreneurs, receptive consumers and startup incubators make Austin an ideal place to introduce new products and grow a business. Local product developers like Body Bar Protein, GOOD GOOD Food Co., and Nufs are prioritizing real food ingredients and serving up junk-free treats that tantalize tastebuds.

Read more below or view interviews on YouTube to hear each founder talk about their company’s story and offer perspective on food industry trends.

GOOD GOOD Food Co.  

Brad SneddenAfter beginning to prioritize his health and working as a personal trainer post-college, Brad Snedden founded GOOD GOOD Food Co. to offer an alternative to all the “bad bad” he grew up eating. 

Good Good Collagen Cookie

After experimenting with almond flour in his favorite childhood treats, he soon landed on a “healthified” cookie dough which evolved into GOOD GOOD’s current products: protein cookies with collagen and almond flour, available in flavors like cashew butter chocolate chip and peanut butter chocolate chip.

Body Bar Protein

Ayarpi ReganyanIn 2007, Body Bar Protein founder Ayarpi Reganyan was diagnosed with ulcerative colitis and began removing processed foods, gluten, sugars, and artificial additives from her diet. By 2019, Ayarpi started working on a protein bar recipe with minimal ingredients and a cleaner label after struggling to find suitable options at the store.


Quickly gaining popularity among friends and family, Body Bar Protein launched with a mission to support and expand available snack options for those with digestive diseases or dietary restrictions, offering bars containing almond butter in flavors like Apple Cinnamon, Chocolate Brownie, and Sweet Cocoa.

Nufs Superfood Bites

Sisters Jess and Kristine TranSisters Jess and Kristine Tran started Nufs in Toronto after their dad was diagnosed with diabetes and the family found that it was hard to find clean ingredient, low sugar and satiating snacks that were also enjoyable.


They soon developed clean, nutrient-dense, lightly sweetened superfood snack bites containing almond flour, available in flavors like black sesame, orange ginger, coconut pandan, and brownie. After being offered an exciting opportunity with the Texas-based grocery chain Central Market, Nufs relocated to Austin and has quickly set roots in the local food, fitness, and wellness scenes.